state of connecticut

Property Control Manual

Seal of the Office of the State Comptroller

Kevin Lembo
State Comptroller

Revised March 2016


CHAPTER 1 - Overview

CHAPTER 2 - Property Control Systems

CHAPTER 3 - Policies

CHAPTER 4 - Acquisitions of Property

CHAPTER 5 - Accounting for State Property and Maintaining the Property Control System

CHAPTER 6 - Materials And Goods in Process And Stores And Supplies Inventory

CHAPTER 7 - Software Inventory Policy and Procedures

CHAPTER 8 - Adjustments and Insurance Recoveries to Real and Personal Property

CHAPTER 9 - Disposition of Surplus Property

CHAPTER 10 - Asset Management/Inventory Reporting

APPENDIX A - Glossary of Terms

APPENDIX B - Forms and Completion Instructions

APPENDIX C - Internal Control Checklist Property

APPENDIX D - Software Copyright Contract Provisions

APPENDIX E - Statutory References and US Code

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