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How to Join CMERS
Summary of CMERS The CMERS Summary of Main Contribution and Benefit Provisions.
Application Procedure Application procedure for participation through a resolution or a collective bargaining agreement. Note: The State Retirement Commission must approve the participation of a municipality in CMERS.
summary of required payments Summary of required payments
Membership Information Form Membership Information Form. May take 6 to 12 months to complete process of application.
Roster of Employees Form "Roster of Employees" form (Form CO-1074) -- must be completed in order to obtain cost for membership information
Rosterless Entry Process for Rosterless entry
Initial Fee Schedule Initial fee schedule for obtaining the costs of CMERS membership for those listed on the "Roster of Employees"


From time to time municipalities have inquired about joining CMERS based upon "new" hires on a future date. For example, a municipality may want to offer CMERS membership only to new employees going forward from a certain date. In such a case, there are no current employees who will join the system. CMERS refers to this type of entry as a "rosterless" entry.

In this type of situation, a municipality is still required to follow the requirements and guidelines set forth in the section Join CMERS "How to Join CMERS." However, in a rosterless, prospective situation, the CMERS actuary can only provide a "cost estimate" based on a "hypothetical roster". This understandably affect the amortization payments - the payments made, over a specified period of time, for contributions due for service prior to participation or for unfunded accrued costs associated with prospective membership.

Amortization payments are usually determined using accurately reported demographics by the CMERS actuaries prior to CMERS participation; however when in a rosterless system, the workforce is unknown at time of entry, such payments can only be estimated. The payments are due once a year for a thirty-year period and are subject to adjustment based upon results of periodic actuarial valuation of the fund's experience as well as following the "true up" calculation which will occur approximately 2 - 3 years following initial entry of rosterless entities. A lump sum payment of the actual total contributions due can be made in lieu of amortization payments.

In a rosterless entry situation CMERS reserves the right to revise an employer's UAL contribution depending upon the results of the first annual actuarial valuation performed following the employer's admittance to the System. If the employer's demographics are significantly different during the valuation than the estimates provided at the time of the initial cost estimate, then CMERS, in its sole discretion, may increase or decrease the employer's UAL contributions accordingly.

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