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How to Join CMERS
Summary of CMERS The CMERS Summary of Main Contribution and Benefit Provisions.
Application Procedure Application procedure for participation through a resolution or a collective bargaining agreement. Note: The State Retirement Commission must approve the participation of a municipality in CMERS.
summary of required payments Summary of required payments
Membership Information Form Membership Information Form. May take 6 to 12 months to complete process of application.
Roster of Employees Form "Roster of Employees" form (Form CO-1074) -- must be completed in order to obtain cost for membership information
Rosterless Entry Process for Rosterless entry
Initial Fee Schedule Initial fee schedule for obtaining the costs of CMERS membership for those listed on the "Roster of Employees"

Membership Information

Please provide the following information if you intend to pursue CMERS membership.

The proposed CMERS membership effective date: _______________________

The Valuation for ______________________________ should include:
(Town/Municipal Group)

1. All past service _________
2. No past service _________
3. Both _________

Valuations performed are billed individually. If a municipality requests a valuation, "with and without" past service, the municipality will be responsible for the cost of 2 valuations. A municipality with various groups to be valued is responsible for the cost of each valuation performed for each group.

The employees listed on the roster are covered by Social Security:

Yes _________
No _________

The Municipality intends to transfer defined benefit plan contributions under the municipality's current retirement system to the CMERS to offset the cost of participation.

Current Plan Description: __________________________________
Amount to be transferred: __________________________________
__________________________ _____________________
Signature Date
__________________________ _____________________
Title Telephone Number

This form should be returned with the roster of employees and the required fee to:

Office of the State Comptroller
Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Attention: William Cronin
Retirement Commission
About, Members , Minutes , Med. Exam. Board

Health Care Cost Containment Committee
Agenda, Meeting Minutes
Office of the State Comptroller
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