We are pleased to report that the Office of the State Comptroller's Retirement Services Division (RSD) has completed over 8,000 retirement benefit finalizations through the use of a new automated pension benefit calculator. A majority of these finalizations are from what is commonly referred to as the retirement "backlog."

For those retirees who have yet to be finalized, your retirement record may require manual review in addition to the automated process that is now in place. Some reasons for manual review may include but are not limited to: a purchase of service that is not yet completed; the need to pay mandatory contributions; or incomplete data requiring contact with your employing agency. However, we anticipate completing the review of these records in the coming months to eliminate the backlog in its entirety.

As the pension benefit calculator is being used for all retirements moving forward, new retirees should generally expect to see their benefit finalizations completed within a 90-day period from their date of retirement.

Please know that we appreciate your patience during this exciting transition and encourage you to contact us with any questions.