Office of the State Comptroller
Retirement Services Division

Tier II/IIA - Retirement Basics

Plan Membership

Tier II

  • Generally, Tier II applies to state employees first hired from July 2, 1984 through June 30, 1997.
  • Tier II is a non-contributory defined benefit retirement plan for most members. The only Tier II members who are required to make retirement contributions are:

Tier IIA

  • Generally, Tier IIA applies to state employees first hired on July 1, 1997 or through June 30, 2011.
  • Tier IIA is a contributory defined benefit retirement plan.
  • As a Tier IIA member, you must contribute two percent (2%) of your total annual salary, unless you serve in a designated hazardous duty position or elected to pay an additional contribution to maintain the current normal retirement age.See RETIREMENT SERVICES DIVISION MEMORANDUM 2013-02
    • Tier IIA hazardous duty members are required to contribute five percent (5%) of their total annual salary.


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