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The Virtual Roundtable allows you to engage directly in policy discussions and development with Comptroller Lembo.

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If youíre a man reluctant to go to the doctor, what would finally convince you to go? If thereís a man in your life reluctant to go to the doctor, have you successfully convinced him to go? If so, how?


Most car owners know that routine oil changes can save significant money -- and stress -- down the road.

The same goes for our bodies. If we catch cancer early, itís generally more treatable. If we catch or treat chronic conditions early (high cholesterol and diabetes, etc.), we also avoid more dangerous health conditions that may threaten our lives and cost much more.

As it turns out, men are significantly less likely to seek such preventative care. We also die younger.

So why is it that men Ė who may be more likely to get routine oil changes for a car Ė are less likely to ďtune upĒ their own bodies? The reasons are as diversified as we are:

  • Iím already healthy, so why bother?
  • I hate waiting at the doctorís office.
  • Iím too busy.
  • When Iím sick, I prefer to tough it out.

Regardless of the excuse, the result is the same Ė more men suffering from advanced chronic illnesses, more men dying younger, children and spouses losing fathers and brothers prematurely, and spiraling health care costs. In my duties as state comptroller, I manage health care for more than 200,000 lives and have seen the long-term financial and health benefits of preventive care. I look forward to your thoughts on how we can build on this success by encouraging all men to seek preventive care.

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