Appendix A - General System and Reporting Requirements

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General System Requirements

General System Requirements


Please describe how the software provides edit functionality to reduce data entry errors. Please be descriptive about the different types of edits that the software provides such as field level edits and related field edits.


Please describe how the software provides delivered audit functionality. Please be specific as to what level of audits are delivered (e.g. are there record level audits; field level audits). List the records, fields, etc. that have audit functionality if the audit functionality does not exist across the application. Please provide a separate listing from HR & Financial areas.


Please describe how the software provides delivered fields that could be used for agency specific use. Describe how the fields are defined and utilized, such as whether a field is simply for storing a value or has associated processing.


Please describe the software's delivered help functionality. Describe the flexibility to customize both the content and delivery mechanism. Also, please describe the system capabilities to hot link into other web sites for additional help content.


Please describe how the software provides the ability to electronically attach related documentation to records.


Please describe the flexibility the software provides to accept or reject changes pending approval. Include a description of the entire approval process, such as workflow, status changes, record versions, security, role definitions, etc.


Please describe how the software provides for defaults based on the value of another field or fields. Describe how two or more fields and tables can be maintained interdependently, such that a change to one field or table results in a predetermined change to the other(s). Also describe the software's ability to establish new table relationships.



Please describe how the system provides automatic system numbering and user-defined numbering. Describe in the software where this functionality can be utilized.


Please describe how the system creates unique identifiers for either documents or reference numbers. Describe how the software prevents unique identifiers from being duplicated and what flexibility exists when setting up identifiers.


Please describe how the software allows users to reset the document numbering scheme for each fiscal year and continue to identify each document uniquely across fiscal years.



Please describe how the software updates information on a web site at specified intervals. Describe how the data to be posted is selected from within the ERP system and published to the web (e.g. if solicitation process occurs within the software, once a contract has been awarded that information is posted to the web at a specified time and frequency, if software is used to capture set-aside information, that data is posted on the web at a specified time and frequency). Describe how the software enables non-system users to access specific system information via the web.


Please describe the ability to record and maintain data in hierarchical relationships. Describe the tools that the software has to build relationships and maintain data integrity. Describe the different uses of this functionality, for example, how it can be used for rollup reporting. Also describe graphical tools available to edit hierarchical relationships.


Please describe how the software provides for recurring document entry or processing. Include a description of all features and functionality, including but not limited to, templates, copy and paste, standard entries, defaults and short alias names that represent longer strings of values.

General Reporting Requirements


Please describe how to view reports on-line.


Please describe how to regenerate a report in such a way that the report has the same format and data as it had when run originally.


Please describe how to query and report on any field or table. Also describe the process for running a query. Is knowledge of a query language required?


Please describe how to define and apply security for reporting access across organizational levels (e.g. statewide, agency, department within an agency, and multiple agencies).


Please describe how to create forms, including but not limited to garnishment notification, COBRA letter, bid request, remuneration statements, and mailing labels.


Please describe how to print remotely and centrally.


Please describe how standards reports are created, modified, saved and distributed. Please describe the tools that are used for creating standard reports and the kind of skills required.


Please describe how ad-hoc reports are created, modified, saved and distributed. Please describe the tools that are used for creating ad-hoc reports and the kind of skills required.


Please describe how the delivered tools enable end-users to develop reports and database queries with minimum training. Please describe the training required for non-technical end users.


Please describe how to perform intensive reporting requirements without negative performance ramifications to the online system.


Please describe how to query and report against timely data, including real-time data when appropriate, for all sources (i.e. system and interfaced). Please describe the reporting capabilities across modules (for example, HR, Payroll, AP, GL) and applications (for example, HRMS and Financials).


Please describe how online analytical processing (OLAP) may be performed by the software where applicable.


Please describe how to flag certain elements as confidential and how to print the elements in some cases and not in others.


Please describe how to produce audit reports that include the value of a field before and after an update.


Please describe how to forecast and perform "what-if" scenarios based on historical, current, and projected data. Describe how the software enables point-in-time reporting against effective dated records.


Please describe how to include statistical charts and graphs on reports.


Please describe how to generate reports with computed fields (i.e. variances, percentage and statistics).


Please describe how to define and utilize multiple time intervals for reporting (i.e. daily, month-to-date, month-end, quarterly, year-to-date, annually).


Please describe how to provide daily transaction counts for various transaction types.


Please describe how to include summary and detail data on a report, with both drill-down and roll-up capabilities. Please also describe how to build reporting relationships specific to or across entities.


Please describe how to select and group reporting data by any field with sub-totals and sort orders.


Please describe how to add notes electronically to reports.


Please describe how to export report data in various formats (MS Excel, ASCII, HTML, etc.).


Please describe the tools and related processes for creating reports and queries. Include a description of functionality that enables a user to create a report or query without writing "code," such as wizards, templates, and "drag and drop" features.


Please describe how to generate reports based on run-time user input parameters.


Please provide a listing of all delivered reports and their descriptions for each of the functional areas.

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