RFP Addendum 1 - June 13, 2000

Introductory: The questions and answers published on the web pages identified by the following URLs are technically a part of this addendum.
http://www.osc.state.ct.us/coresystems/vendorinfo/preconferenceanswers.htm and http://www.osc.state.ct.us/coresystems/vendorinfo/duringandafterconferenceanswers.htm
Please refer to them.
Particular attention is drawn to the following response to the question: "Do you want a bid bond submitted with the bid?"
Answer: "Yes, a bid bond must be submitted with the proposal."
Actual addendum language: Two new evaluation factors are hereby added to page 26, D 2.9 and 2.10
2.9 The capabilities of the staff identified as likely to participate in the System Implementation Phase, including project managers and staff with implementation experience with the major ERP packages.
2.10 The extent to which the proposer is partnered with Connecticut Certified Small Business Entities in the proposer's proposal for System Implementation Phase. 

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