Vendors are required to provide information as described in this RFP Attachment in the following format.

  1. Transmittal Letter
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Vendor Proposal Validation and Authentication Statement
  5. Technical Approach
  6. Questionnaires
  7. Qualifications
  8. Cost Information
  9. Acceptance to the State's Offered Agreement

One signed original and seven (7) copies of the proposal must be provided.

Instructions regarding proposal format and preparation are provided below.


    Proposals must include a Transmittal Letter, which must be in the form of a standard business letter, signed by an individual authorized to bind legally the vendor. The transmittal letter must contain specific statements, cross referenced to the State administrative requirements stipulated in Section 2 of this RFP, to establish the vendor's full acceptance of all such requirements.

    Proposals must include a table of contents.

    Briefly summarize the most salient aspects of the proposal in terms of satisfying the requirements presented in this RFP.

    Fully complete and attach to each proposal , a copy of the Vendor Proposal Validation and Authentication Statement in Attachment 4.
    The Technical Approach must contain the following sections:
    1. Base License
    2. Additional Modules
    3. Data Base
    4. Operating System
    5. Network Protocol
    6. Hardware
    7. Additional Software
    8. Interfaces
    9. Y2K
    10. Acceptance Testing
    11. Conversion
    12. Implementation
    13. Training
    14. Support

    The Technical Approach must contain all specific technical details of the proposed software package and describe how it will be implemented. In addition, the Technical Approach must clearly describe how the proposed software package responds to all Requirements.


    6.1 Worksheets

    In responding to the questionnaires contained in this RFP, vendors are requested to first state the question and then present the response.

    Please be as definitive as possible. In the case of yes/no questions, add any appropriate comments which will assist the State in determining the capabilities of the proposed System. Respond "none" or "Not applicable/Not available (N/A)" as appropriate, in accordance with Section 2.1.12 of this RFP.

    If applicable, provide a separate, clearly identified response sheet addendum for each unique System configuration being proposed.

    6.2 Requirements

    Main topic mandatory requirements are explicitly stated in Section 1.4 Mandatory Requirements and Section 1.5 Technical Infrastructure. Vendors must respond affirmatively to these mandatory requirements, indicating whether their system or service meets or exceeds the stated requirements. Vendors who can not respond affirmatively to all items in the Section 1.4 Mandatory Requirements and to the Section 1.5 Technical Requirements should not submit a proposal to the State in response to this RFP. Vendors are requested to state the requirement and then present the response.

    The vendor should take special care to ascertain that the proposal fully complies with all of the terms and conditions of the RFP. The vendor must describe all components of each item proposed, and must take special care to identify all hardware, software, firmware and services necessary for the complete integration to the fully functional proposed System.

    Each section must start with a statement clearly describing the proposed item (Brand, model, service. etc.) and why the vendor has chosen it is as a solution.

    The vendor will follow the subsection outline in describing all components of the item. List any additional components not specified herein which are necessary for the item to be fully functional in the vendor proposed System environment. All the cost to the State for each component, as appropriate, must be listed with its description. Responses to other requirements should be included in Section 5, Technical Approach.


Qualifications must contain a detailed description of the proposing firm and subcontractors (if applicable).

7.1 Firm Description

Proposers must provide historical, financial, sales, and organizational information and, if applicable, similar information for proposed subcontractors:

Size and Organization. A brief summary and organization chart of the company should be included. If the company is a subsidiary of another company, the corporate organizational chart must be provided along with addresses for each entity.

7.1.1 Financial Status.

Sales in dollars for the three most recent years must be given, along with a financial statement for the last fiscal year.

Include the latest financial audit, profit and loss statement, cash in hand, outstanding billables and pending legal actions,

Vendors must also provide financial statements attributable to the sale of systems of similar size and scope, either produced or integrated over the three most recent years.

7.2 Experience

Proposers must list the major systems, of similar size and scope as is proposed, installed to date and briefly describe the most relevant project(s). Details of other relevant System experience which would be valuable in the completion of this project may be provided. If applicable, provide relevant experience and qualifications for all proposed subcontractors.

7.3 References

7.3.1 Qualified proposers may be required to provide a demonstration of installed systems. Such systems must be fully operational and similar in scope, function, and complexity to the applications described in this RFP. At a minimum the demonstration must show the vendor's ability to meet System requirements, as well as the performance characteristics for the individual components described in this RFP.

7.3.2 Proposers must provide at least three (3) references from three unrelated projects. The systems installed at the reference sites must be comparable to that being proposed for the State.

Proposers must provide the following information for each reference:

7.3.3 Proposers must also provide two or more maintenance service references. The maintenance service provided at the reference sites must be comparable to that being proposed for the State.

7.3.4 Proposers must provide the following information for each maintenance service reference:

The same references may be provided for users of proposed System equipment and for services. However, the system/equipment users reference must be oriented towards equipment functionality and reliability, whereas the service users reference will address responsiveness to service calls.

    8.1 General Cost considerations

    Vendors must show all costs to the State for the proposed System. Any costs not included in this proposal, for any equipment, software or service necessary to implement a vendors' proposal solution, which was "forgotten" will be the responsibility of the vendor, such that the vendor, if selected, must comply with the delivery requirements of this RFP without charging the "forgotten" amount.. It is requested that this information be presented in accordance with Attachment 3 of this RFP.

    The cost information must include details of unit prices by product component being proposed, quantity, and extended prices by product component, subtotals and any applicable discounts. One time costs such as freight charges and installation charges must be included by product as appropriate.

    Cost information must be based on goods and services received by the State. The State will consider periodic payments, however all such payments are subject to a 40% holdback, which will be released 45 days following acceptance of the System by the State.
    Indicate in your proposal that the proposal is good for at least one (1) year and prices will be effective for at least Thirty-six (36) months from the date of contract approval. A responding vendor further agrees that any across the board price decreases announced by the vendor or manufacturer for any products offered under the proposal will be passed on to the State.

    Proposals must include pricing worksheets and a summary worksheet (refer to Attachment 3). The pricing worksheets provide the format for presenting item-by-item pricing for hardware, software, firmware, conversion, maintenance, etc.

    Proposers must offer a firm fixed price for all offered products and services.
    Pricing worksheets must be provided for all proposed System alternative(s).
    Vendors must include all necessary equipment, software, and maintenance to implement a fully functional System in the proposal.
    Vendors must provide the following unit and extended costs for proposed equipment, OTHER THAN SOFTWARE:

    Vendors must provide the following unit and extended costs for proposed software and firmware:

    Vendors must provide the costs for all proposed implementation and conversion services.

    A Five Year Summary Pricing Sheet (Attachment 3) must be provided.

    For purposes of evaluation, a five-year life cycle cost must be computed, i.e., costs to acquire and maintain equipment for five years. The following elements comprise the five-year life cycle cost:

    8.2 Other System Cost Considerations

    8.2.1 Price Protection Period

    Describe any price protection applicable to product service/maintenance payments during the periods cited in the above System cost worksheets.
    8.2.2 Applicable Discounts

    Specify the basis and extent of any applicable product discounts (e.g., government, educational, multiple System installations) that may be available to the State but are not already reflected in your System cost worksheets. If your cost offerings already reflects any discounts, specify the type and percent of the discount(s) reflected.

    The State reserves the right to make additions or reductions in awards as a result of this RFP. Indicate your agreement to maintain the same discount rate as proposed.

    8.2.3 Required Supply Costs

    State the source, reusability, and unit cost of any supplies needed for use of any proposed product.

    8.2.4 Summary of one-time Costs

    Vendors must provide a summary of all applicable one-time costs, exclusive of site preparation, in the format as shown in Attachment 3 labeled "Other itemized costs".

  2. Acceptance to the State's Offered Agreement

    Vendors should state their unequivocal acceptance to the Information Processing Systems Master Software License Agreement (Attachment 5) and/or respond in accordance with Section 3.5 Implement Necessary Agreements.

    Additionally, vendors should prepare a Product Schedule (reference the sample provided at the end of attachment 5). Such prepared Product Schedule must be in agreement with the products and services offered within your proposal and consistent with all cost tables.

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