Technical definitions can be found in the GLOSSARY in Attachment 5 - System Specifications .

Alternative Proposal   - A vendor proposal which purports to satisfy State requirements while exhibiting either a disregard for, or a contradiction of, applicable RFP specifications.
DAS - Department of Administration Services
DOIT - Department of Information Technology
CPD - Contracts and Purchasing Division
Local Area - The geographic United States within an approximate Fifty (50) mile radius of Hartford, CT.
For any given product, the average number of hours of operation between occurrence of an operational failure (i.e. Mean Time Between Failures).
PPM -  
The Principal Period of Maintenance (or First (1st) Shift) during which a supplier is contractually obligated to maintain installed products according to established specifications. PPM for products proposed herein shall be the period from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, except holidays.
Second (2nd) Shift  - The period from 5:00 P.M. to 12:00 Midnight.
Third     (3rd) Shift  - The period from 12:00 Midnight to 8:00 A.M
Weekend Shift(s) - The period from 12:00 Midnight Friday to 8:00 A.M. Monday.
Holiday - Official non-workdays as designated by the Governor of the State of Connecticut.
Proposal   -
A vendor response to an RFP and/or any of its appendices which offers to supply the State with specific data processing resources according to State prescribed terms and conditions.
Regional Area  -
The geographic United States within an approximate One Hundred (100) mile radius of Hartford, .CT
A Request For Proposal (such as this document or any appendix thereto) which solicits vendor proposals to satisfy State functional requirements by supplying data processing product and/or service resources according to specific terms and conditions.
Software License  -
A State computer program product acquisition from a supplier under an agreement whereby the State acquires the right to the use of the product on a designated computer system located at a designated site and under which the State does NOT acquire the licensor's: (1) title to the product nor, (2) liability for payment of any personal property tax levied upon the product, nor (3) liability for payment of any liability/casualty premium for the product.



The State of Connecticut, and its Departments, Institutions and Agencies or any combination thereof.
Supplier  - A vendor receiving a State award to supply specific data processing resources under an agreement with the State.
Systems Warranty Period  -
That period during which the quoting vendor will provide hardware/software product support and/or maintenance to the State at no charge. The State requires that any vendor system warranty cover products of "third party" origin to the same extent as the vendor warranty may apply to vendor fabricated products.
Tax Calculation -
The method(s) used by a taxing authority to determine the actual amount of tax payment to be made by a product title holder as a result of a tax assessment and levy upon the product.
Tax Liability


The obligation for payment of any personal property tax levied on a supplier product by an appropriate taxing authority. Such tax payment obligation must be satisfied by a supplier promptly after receipt of an official taxing authority notice of taxes due. Any supplier failure to do so will constitute a breach of the vendor's agreement with the State applicable to product acquisitions. The State will not assume any liability either for the basic tax or arising from any supplier's late payment or nonpayment of taxes due.
Training  -
Provide instruction in specified areas (Management overview, Operations, Maintenance and Use) on the installed systems and software.
Vendor  -

Any individual, firm or corporation which is invited to submit a proposal to supply data processing resources capable of satisfying State specified requirements.

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