State of Connecticut

Plan Administration and Marketing/Sales Services for the
Municipal Employee Health Insurance Program


Background Information

  1. Request for Plan Administration Services
    1. Services Required of Selected Administrative Vendor
    2. Cost Analysis
    3. Criteria for Evaluation - Plan Administration
    4. Office of the Comptroller Staff Responsibilities
    5. Questionnaire for Plan Administration Responsibilities
  2. Request for Marketing/Sales Services
    1. Required Marketing/Sales Services
    2. Cost of Services
    3. Criteria for Evaluation
    4. MEHIP Responsibilities
    5. Sales Plan and Questionnaire
  3. Requirements of all Vendors
    1. Limitations of RFP Process
    2. Vendor Compliance with Statutes
    3. Office of the Comptroller Approval of Key Vendor Staff
    4. RFI Response Timetable and Specific Response Instructions
    5. Required Elements of the Potential Vendors' Response to this RFI

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