State of Connecticut



All firms responding to this RFP must agree to incorporate the following provisions in a proposed contract:

  1. The firm warrants that it maintains or will obtain at its expense and will maintain throughout the term of the contract an errors and omissions insurance policy providing a prudent amount of coverage for negligent acts or omissions and that such coverage is applicable to the firm's actions under the contract.
  2. The firm warrants that it has completed, obtained and performed all registrations, filings, approvals, authorizations, consents or examinations required by all governments and governmental authorities with jurisdiction for acts contemplated by the contract.
  3. This firm warrants that all of its employees and agents are registered and will maintain throughout the term of the contract all applicable registrations and licenses including without limitation Series 6 and Series 63.
  4. The firm warrants that all information and statements presented in response to this RFP are complete and true to the best of its knowledge and that no attempt has been made to include any false or misleading material.
  5. The firm warrants that it meets all of the minimum criteria set forth in this RFP.
  6. The firm warrants that it is an equal opportunity employer and will comply with the applicable Connecticut statutes.

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