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The contract to be awarded is subject to contract compliance requirements mandated by Section 4-114a of the Connecticut General Statutes; and, when the awarding agency is the state, Section 46a-71(d) of the Connecticut General Statutes. There are Contract Compliance Regulations codified at Section 4-114a-1 et. seq. of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies which establish a procedure for the awarding of all contracts covered by Section 4-114a and 46a-71(d) of the Connecticut General Statutes.

According to Section 4-114a-3(9) of the Connecticut Compliance Regulations, every agency awarding a contract subject to the contract compliance requirements has an obligation to "aggressively solicit the participation of legitimate minority business enterprises as bidders, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of materials". "Minority business enterprise" is defined in Section 4-114a of the Connecticut General Statutes as a business wherein fifty-one percent or more of the capital stock, or assets belong to a person or persons: "(1) Who are active in the daily affairs of the enterprise; (2) who have the power to direct the management and policies of the enterprise; and (3) who are members of a minority, as such term is defined in sub-section (a) od Section 32-9n". "Minority" groups are defined in Section 32-9n of the Connecticut General Statutes as "(1) Black Americans...; (2) Hispanic Americans...; (3)Women...; (4) Asian Pacific Americans and Pacific Islanders; or American Indians...". The above definitions apply to the contract compliance requirements by virtue of Section 4-114a-1(10) of the Contract Compliance Regulations.

The awarding agency will consider the following factors when reviewing the bidder's qualifications under the contract compliance requirements:

  1. the bidder's success in implementing an affirmative action plan;
  2. the bidder's success in developing an apprenticeship program complying with Sections 46a-68-1 to 46a-68-17 of the Connecticut General Statutes, inclusive;
  3. the bidder's promise to develop and implement a successful affirmative aftion plan;
  4. the bidder's submission of EEO-1 data indicating that the composition of its work force is at or near parity when compared to the racial and sexual composition of the work force in the relevant labor market area; and
  5. the bidder's promise to set aside a portion of the contract for legitimate minority business enterprises. See Section 4-114a-3(10) of the Contract Compliance Regulations.

*INSTRUCTION: Bidder must sign acknowledgement below, detach along dotted line and return acknowledgement to Awarding Agency along with bid proposal.


The undersigned acknowledges receiving and reading a copy of the "Notification to Bidders" form.

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