State of Connecticut


  1. Health Care in Connecticut: The Uninsured, Health Care Financing, Access and Uncompensated Care - (Issued September 10, 1996)

    This report presents information requested by Work Group members and includes Connecticut specific data on: the uninsured and underinsured; how health care is financed, including a break down of health expenditures by category; how the uninsured obtain medical care under the current system; and how uncompensated care is financed.

  2. An Overview of Health Care in Connecticut: A Presentation to the Work Group for Health Care Access for the Uninsured (Issued September 10, 1996)

    This companion packet summarizes the findings presented in the document described above. It contains copies of the overhead slides that were shown during a presentation to the Work Group.

  3. An Overview of Health Reform Approaches: The Experience of Connecticut and Five Other States (Issued September 17, 1996)

    This report examines two main topics: (1) previous Connecticut efforts to reform health care; and, (2) examples of strategies employed by other states to address the challenges posed by the uninsured.

  4. What Would Induce Small Firms to Purchase Health Insurance? A Preliminary Review of the Evidence (Issued September 19, 1996)

    This report addresses three questions concerning small business and health insurance: 1) What factors are cited by small businesses to explain why they do not offer health benefits?; 2) Is there any evidence to show what would motivate more small businesses to offer health insurance to their employees?; and 3) What efforts have been tried to induce more small businesses to offer coverage and how successful have these efforts been in achieving their goals?

  5. Uninsured Workers: Demographic Information and Changes Over Time (Issued September 24, 1996)

    This brief report reviews national demographic data on uninsured workers and changes in coverage from 1988 to 1993.

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