State of Connecticut EDS Contract Compliance Report

Appendix A-2

Department of Social Services/Electronic Data Systems, Inc. Timeline 

Workplan Event Timeline

Date Event
1/1/1994 EDS submits the Detailed Workplan per contract.
1/26/1994 DSS notifies EDS of its outright disapproval of the Detailed Workplan.
2/4/1994 EDS resubmits.
2/23/1994 DSS disapproves again
3/4/1994 EDS indicates it cannot comply with the contract by providing a Detailed Workplan. Continued research into life cycle methodology was the given reason.
3/17/1994 EDS presents an overview of its "Systems Life Cycle * Rapid Iterative Systems Engineering" (SLC*RISE).
3/23/1994 EDS submits a new Detailed Workplan.
6/3/1994 EDS submits its "Final Required Specifications Document (RSD)"
6/21/1994 DSS unconditionally approves the RSD.
7/11/1994 EDS resubmits third "Final ConnPACE RSD."
7/13/1994 DSS unconditionally approves the ConnPACE RSD.
12/30/1994 Required a fully operational CT AIM.
2/7/1995 Maximus indicates EDS has not delivered an updated Detailed Workplan since 12/8/1994 and that "project slippage is quite evident."
3/2/1995 EDS submits a new Detailed Workplan.
4/12/1995 DSS memo to EDS noted numerous discrepancies between the accepted planned start dates of the 9/1994 Detailed Workplan and the 3/8/1995 revised Detailed Workplan.
10/23/1995 EDS submits a revised Project Workplan to DSS. This work plan uses a May 1, 1996 implementation date.
12/5/1995 DSS indicates its "outright disapproval" of the revised workplan.
8/1/1996 DSS requests a revised work plan by 8/6/1996.
8/6/1996 EDS submits a plan which is immediately rejected because it merely presented an overview of a new, proposed plan.
11/12/1996 EDS submits a revised AIM work plan that targets a 7/1/1997 implementation date.

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