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Please remember that the provisions of the SAG award are complicated and no definitive answers to those questions concerning federal legal and tax ramifications to the overall retirement plan as well as the plan's individual members are yet available.

1. 2010 SEBAC ARP GRIEVANCE AWARD (Click here for a copy of the document)

2. Plan Highlights Chart and Comparison Information (Click here to go to chart).

3. Cost to Purchase Prior Service (PACE)

PACE is an on-line web tool designed to provide you with an estimate of the cost to purchase all of your ARP service time for transfer to the SERS retirement system. Click here to access PACE.

4. Estimate of Service Credit Available for Purchase (PACER)

PACER is an on-line web tool designed to provide you with an estimate concerning the amount of service credit (years, months) you can buy with your ARP funds if the balance of your ARP funds is insufficient to purchase all of your ARP service credit for transfer into SERS. Click here to access PACER.

5. Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Delay In Implementation (Click here)

6. Very Important Documents and Information

State Employees Retirement System TierII Summary Plan Description
State Employees Retirement System TierIIA Summary Plan Description
TierII/IIA Retirement Counseling Workshop and Benefit Estimator
State of Connecticut Alternate Retirement Program Third party Administrator
ARP Members Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset
Domestic Relations Order Guidelines (PDF - 149KB)
Social Security - WEP and GPO Overview (Power Point -699KB)

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