October 3, 2008


6/1/2007 D-9754 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Miguel Santos A 509360 9:15 am


4/1/2008 D-10062 Service-Connected Thomas Czepiel A 598950
10/1/2008 D-10231 Disability(Posthumous) Lisa Frederick * A 321311
8/1/2008 D-10185 Disability Edna Hinton A 487808
5/1/2008 D-10102 Disability Rosemarie Kent A 448644
5/1/2008 D-10089 Service-Connected Dianne Lamb D, A n/s 586511
5/1/2008 D-10104 Disability Virginia Lehner D 433275
8/1/2007 D-9804 Disability Priscilla Leonard A 432580
6/1/2008 D-10125 Disability Bertcelis Morales T, med rprts 492743
1/1/2008 D-9958 Disability(APPEAL) Tina Morin A 435507
10/1/2008 D-10212 Disability Jaime Ortiz * A 467425
12/1/2004 D-8932 Service-Connected Valarie Page A 545320
4/1/2008 D-10063 Service-Connected Jay Pellegrini A 598965
6/1/2008 D-10118 Service-Connected Milagros Pena D 406641
6/1/2008 D-10120 Disability Judith Rollins A 273589
1/1/2008 D-9951 Service-Connected Leonel Sanabria D 526304
7/1/2008 D-10136 Service-Connected Gail Smith A 504547
11/28/2007 MD-1276 Disability John Soda rec D XXX-XX-1578
3/1/2008 D-10026 Service-Connected Jane Taylor A 860927
5/1/2008 D-10084 Disability Linda Walsh D 511349
1/1/2008 D-9955 Service-Connected Rosalyn Williams D, n/s ok 274293
6/1/2008 D-10109 Disability Russell Williams A 404978
5/23/2007 MD-1284 Service-Connected Gary Wood A XXX-XX-1550
7/1/2008 D-10140 Service-Connected Timothy Yuhas A 467696


D-9308 Carlos Cabrero D-9373 Theodore Citak
D-9267 Edward Connole D-9095 Maria Cruz
D-9270 Warren Cullen D-8924 Lanita Dean
D-9028 George Duhart D-9420 Olie Gray, III
D-9332 Sarah Johnson D-9288 Keith Kinney All ok.
D-9333 Stephen Kolenda D-9397 Bruno Korzenko
D-9181 Lois McCoy D-9319 Trudy Novak
D-9071 Louis Pean D-9344 Richard Pugliese
D-9369 John Savonis D-9375 Richard Slater
D-9349 Stephen Torres D-9256 Charles Wellner

* revised 10/3/2008

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

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