November 21, 2008

9/1/2006 D-9463 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Ana Trammell D, n/s ok 490682 9:15 AM
7/1/2008 D-10150 Disability Karen Hager D 455702 10:00 AM
5/1/2007 D-9716 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Michael Delorenzo D 446492 10:45 AM
9/1/2007 D-9856 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Joseph Geraci A 589841 11:30 AM

7/1/2008 D-10135 Disability Naida Arcenas A 344361
10/1/2006 D-9532 Service-Connected Jennie Arnold D, A n/s 491441
8/1/2008 D-10169 Disability Paula Calzetta T, med rprts 524522
7/13/2006 MD-1228 Service-Connected(APPEAL) John Clark rec A xxx-xx-5347
8/1/2008 D-10143 Service-Connected Marie Corriveau D, A n/s 494306
7/1/2008 D-10151 Disability Gail Crowley A 364604
12/1/2008 D-10243 Disability Neil Fishman A 358949
6/1/2008 D-10132 Service-Connected Vivian Freire A 462347
8/1/2008 D-10172 Disability Raymond Griffin A 302734
8/1/2008 D-10168 Disability Susan Lacapra A 554773
8/1/2008 D-10176 Disability Elizabeth Lagosh A 494511
6/1/2008 D-10133 Service-Connected Thomas Lawlor A 364474
9/1/2007 D-9850 Service-Connected(Cont'd) Ronald Lucey A 489147
4/1/2008 D-10047 Disability(Cont'd) Manuel Marrero A 455897
12/1/2008 D-10261 Disability Colleen Mattioli A 622357
7/1/2008 D-10146 Service-Connected Willie Moore D, n/s ok 309348
7/1/2008 D-10148 Service-Connected Patricia Robinson D 492515
9/1/2008 D-10156 Disability Linda Schibi A 467870
3/1/2008 D-10034 Disability(Cont'd) Andrew Shook A 540425
6/1/2008 D-10134 Service-Connected Valerie Strong A 340451
7/1/2008 D-10138 Service-Connected Rodrique Uriarte A 647046
5/1/2008 D-10100 Service-Connected Bennie Ward A 25743
7/1/2008 D-10141 Service-Connected Maryann Wiszniak D, n/s ok 362940

D-9356 Karen Batko D-9395 Donald Bond
D-9348 Joella Bouchard-Mudry D-9801 Janice Breininger T, med rprts
D-9366 Lillie Brockington D-9309 Richard Carthon
D-6629 Osvaldo Centeno D-9300 Jesse Cornell
D-9429 Richard Delgado D-9208 Dorothy Drakes
D-9359 Richard Hyatt D-9407 Marsha Johnson Remainder ok.
D-9274 Eva Kijek D-9421 Gary Novelli
D-9311 Nancy Pitts-Schleifer D-9323 Randy Rappe
D-9367 Mary Saunders D-9427 Robert Scholz
D-9406 Naomi Schumbo-Schipritt D-8752 Mark Slakish
D-9413 Joseph Tavares D-8807 Bernard Young

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

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