November 20, 2009


11/1/2008 D-10249 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Lisa Dency D 495580 9:15 am
2/26/2008 MD-1280 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Randall Rivera rec A xxx-xx-8711 10:00 am
5/1/2008 D-10098 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Nancy Granton D 647514 10:45 am
7/1/2008 D-10148 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Patricia Robinson D 492515 11:30 am


7/1/2009 D-10465 Service-Connected Joseph Bonertz A 626179
1/1/2009 D-10293 Service-Connected Chantel Carter D 556630
8/1/2009 D-10471 Disability Jeffrey Cook A 440710
5/1/2009 D-10396 Service-Connected Stephanie Davis-Alston D 430176
7/1/2009 D-10458 Disability(Posthumous) John Gagnon A 534457
7/1/2009 D-10445 Service-Connected Charles Gary D 965445
7/1/2009 D-10430 Disability Frances Grenier A 480037
3/1/2009 D-10325 Disability(Cont'd) Linda Heidtmann D 501281
7/1/2009 D-10434 Disability Lilarose Hulton D 491293
3/1/2009 D-10334 Service-Connected John Kniejzneski D 511347
6/1/2009 D-10401 Disability Kevin Laragy D 483935
7/1/2009 D-10441 Disability Mildred Lawrence-Newson A 426529
8/1/2009 D-10478 Disability Kartric Lee A 534045
6/1/2009 D-10417 Service-Connected Cathy Malecki D, n/s ok 478386
5/1/2009 D-10377 Service-Connected Susan O'Leary A 453235
7/1/2009 D-10431 Service-Connected Reinaldo Oquendo A 401761
7/1/2009 D-10451 Disability(Cont'd) Donna Paradis D 463183
11/8/2008 MD-1304 Service-Connected Bruce Perkins rec A xxx-xx-5570
5/1/2009 D-10390 Disability Richard Rowley D 428069
1/1/2009 D-10297 Change to Non S/C Paola Roy * A 274791
7/1/2009 D-10435 Change to Non S/C Steven Tucker * A 272183
6/1/2009 D-10418 Disability Carolann Violissi T, med rprts 644149
11/1/2009 D-10541 Disability(Posthumous) Linda Voghel * A 713696
5/1/2009 D-10385 Disability Tina Williams-Knight D 801510


D-9796 Timothy Boland D-9606 Kevin Devaney
D-9642 Torya Dortch D-9580 Gina Herboldt
D-9382 Pamela Manzione D-9763 Dennis Molen
D-9520 Rafael Mora De Jesus D-9775 William Morse
D-9531 James Nesser D-9731 Carmelo Ortiz All ok.
D-9213 Juan Perez D-9751 Sandra Philips
D-9737 Susan Revoir D-9614 Jennifer Roberts
D-9690 Leslie (Keith) Roy D-9547 David Smith
D-9733 Steven Smith D-9727 William Tewksbury
D-9327 Terry Wethered D-9735 Holly Wilson

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

* revised 11/20/2009

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