May 27, 2011


6/30/2009 MD-1332 Service-Connected(APPEAL) John Hayden xxx-xx-0982 9:45 am
2/1/2010 D-10587 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Tina Philbrick 645115 10:15 am
7/1/2007 D-9791 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Victoria Hodge 489288 10:45 am
2/14/2009 MD-1321 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Robert Graham xxx-xx-3219 11:15 am


11/1/2010 D-10811 Disability Sean Anderson 549845
10/1/2010 D-10766 Service-Connected Danny Brown 644593
10/1/2010 D-10781 Service-Connected David Burgio 645092
7/1/2010 D-10708 Service-Conn(Posthumous) Gloria Carter 011750
5/1/2011 D-10886 Disability Thomas Daniels 387022
10/1/2010 D-10785 Service-Connected Catherine Dickerson 613207
10/1/2010 D-10792 Disability Gino DiMauro, Jr. 534747
10/1/2010 D-10787 Disability Kim Dogolo 341916
4/1/2010 D-10635 Service-Connected Michelle Drenski 633596
8/1/2010 D-10716 Disability Patricia Espinoza 639476
10/1/2010 D-10784 Service-Connected Rebecca Frank 639404
4/1/2011 D-10911 Disability Donna Gallo 511949
11/1/2010 D-10819 Disability Kenneth Gowash 540609
2/12/2011 MD-1369 Disability Ivory Hemingway xxx-xx-9981
9/14/2010 MD-1373 Disability Michael Horton xxx-xx-1455
10/1/2010 D-10767 Service-Connected Donald Konow 494410
10/1/2010 D-10793 Disability Muntega Moore 525115
9/1/2010 D-10765 Service-Connected George Robinson 647058
12/1/2009 D-10548 Service-Connected Jeffery Schaefer 512109
10/1/2010 D-10778 Disability Mark Stephens 475338
3/1/2011 D-10872 Disability Douglas Sweeney 593828
4/1/2010 D-10623 Change to Non S/C Thomas Weeks 626041
11/1/2010 D-10801 Disability Timothy White 528596
9/1/2010 D-10760 Service-Connected Evelyn Williams 802674
4/1/2011 D-10893 Disability Brenda Womack 362995


D-10288 Richard Anisyk D-10239 Chester Cebulski
D-10065 Karen Colavito D-10187 Philip Davis
D-10192 Sandra Fiore D-10181 Maria Gonzalez
D-10198 Gery Jachimowski D-9841 James Jacovino
D-10168 Susan Lacapra D-9804 Priscilla Leonard
D-10299 Pablo Lopez D-10177 John Meister
D-10125 Bertcelis Morales D-10258 Kimberly Mucci
D-9905 Anibal Nieves-Roque D-10238 Daniel Sanchez
D-9754 Miguel Santos D-10191 Patrick Silbaugh
D-10160 Albert Siracusa D-9993 Bernadette Weller

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

* revised 5/27/2011

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