June 26, 2009


6/1/2008 D-10112 Disability(APPEAL) Theresa Anderson 349321 9:15 am
10/1/2008 D-10234 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Valerie Czaja 650978 10:00 am
8/1/2008 D-10183 Disability(APPEAL) Kerry Robinson 328267 10:45 am


1/1/2009 D-10283 Disability Kenneth Anton 467982
9/30/2008 MD-1299 Service-Connected Robert Betancourt xxx-xx-2225
1/1/2009 D-10301 Service-Connected Kimberly Butler 480602
1/1/2009 D-10300 Service-Connected Elizabeth Conlon (Dunaj) 593461
1/1/2009 D-10286 Disability Kathryn Conway 501361
2/1/2009 D-10318 Service-Connected Melissa Cox 621974
8/1/2008 D-10178 Service-Connected Rosemarie Dillon 657153
1/1/2008 D-9969 Service-Connected Tammy Doustou 646923
12/1/2008 D-10273 Disability Christine Facondini 508169
3/1/2009 D-10336 Disability Cathleen Foster 262183
7/1/2009 D-10432 Disability Lee Goodman * 502015
4/1/2009 D-10357 Disability Levi Jackson * 339796
12/1/2007 D-9928 Disability Althea Koschmieder 379192
1/17/2009 MD-1312 Service-Connected Paul Liquori xxx-xx-1312
1/1/2009 D-10288 Change to Non-S/C Persida Martinez 320240
2/1/2009 D-10283 Disability Darek Massalski 441162
2/1/2009 D-10303 Service-Connected Margaret McKissick 320555
12/1/2007 D-9945 Service-Connected Lisa Moragne 563712
1/1/2009 D-10287 Disability Miriam Olack 492654
5/1/2009 D-10349 Disability(Posthumous) Richard Palo 433625
11/1/2007 D-9906 Service-Connected Peppie Perrelli 564329
10/1/2008 D-10222 Service-Connected Peter Phelan 520951
1/1/2009 D-10296 Service-Connected Linda Romanauskas 309684
5/1/2008 D-10091 Disability Cynthia Ruffino-Hall 504929
6/1/2008 D-10117 Change to Non-S/C James Scully 212480
1/1/2009 D-10294 Disability Curtis Simmons 528760
12/1/2008 D-10427 Disability(Posthumous) Robin Sutherland * 489354
1/1/2008 D-9977 Change to Non-S/C Brenda Tasker * 357071
11/1/2008 D-10246 Service-Connected Thomas Thompson 527564


D-9523 Gordon Allen D-9665 Elizabeth Bodine
D-7839 Tammy Calabrese D-9304 Joan Clauss
D-9632 Joann Clay D-9624 Maria Colon
D-9408 Barbara Darling D-9604 Robert Dewolf
D-9385 Charles Diffey D-9588 Michael Fernandes
D-9620 Carol Ann Gauthier D-9401 Carol Orszulak
D-9592 Laurie Jackson D-9421 Clinton Jarvis
D-9539 Marie Kamens D-9467 Jeralyn Keltonic
D-9452 Linda Libby D-9575 Donna Logan
D-9579 Francis McGill D-9500 Altagracia Mota
D-9292 Denise Owens D-9400 Stephanie Ricks
D-9251 John Strickland D-9602 Bruce Wrobel

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

* revised 6/26/2009

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