June 5, 2015

11/1/2013 D-11590 Non-Service Connected(RECON) Amy Burgos 478050
4/1/2011 D-10920 Service-Connected Casandra Cancelliere 644608
8/1/2014 D-11750 Service-Connected John Coleman 562574
4/1/2014 D-11678 Service-Connected Maureen Ford 968055
11/1/2014 D-11815 Non-Service Connected Ralph Hummel 405224
10/1/2012 D-11328 Non-Service Connected Robert Hyland 468141
10/1/2012 D-11320 Service-Connected Carrie Johnson 507646
5/1/2015 D-11916 Non-Service Conn.(Posth) Richard Kalva 512784
11/1/2014 D-11788 Non-Service Connected Wanda Milledge 433982
11/1/2014 D-11819 Service-Connected Luis Muniz 604393
8/1/2009 D-10467 Service-Connected(RECON) Nancy Pine 375499
9/1/2013 D-11564 Non-Service Connected Robin Quigley 645328
9/1/2003 D-8640 Non-Service Connected Jose Reyes 405650
1/1/1995 D-6287 Service-Connected(RECON) Lee Stevens 272088
9/1/2012 D-11295 Non-Service Conn.(RECON) Debbie Sullivan 323762

Please take notice that all meetings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such meetings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. Meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. in room 208 at the Office of the State Comptroller, 55 Elm Street, Hartford Connecticut.

(RECON) - "Reconsideration"

(POSTH) - "Posthumous"

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