December 11, 2009


12/1/2007 D-9928 Disability(Cont'd) Althea Koschmieder D 379192 10:00 am
5/1/2008 D-10084 Disability(APPEAL) Linda Walsh D 511349 10:45 am


6/1/2009 D-10416 Disability Carmen Arroyo T, med rprts 431641
4/1/2009 D-10361 Service-Connected David Carrillo D 870521
7/1/2009 D-10439 Disability Susan Cobleigh A 512164
7/1/2009 D-10433 Service-Connected Edward Dubowsky D 007884
7/1/2009 D-10453 Service-Connected Sybil George D 646857
1/1/2010 D-10546 Disability Richard Garner * A 528924
7/1/2009 D-10448 Disability Cynthia Haye D 362133
7/1/2009 D-10456 Service-Connected Christine Jameson A 644479
5/1/2009 D-10384 Service-Connected Vinessa Job A 491018
6/1/2009 D-10414 Service-Connected Laura Johnson T, med rprts 392762
8/1/2009 D-10462 Disability Douglas Leary A 494851
4/1/2009 D-10370 Disability Kimberly Libera A 371605
4/1/2009 D-10368 Disability(Posthumous) Linda Lillie * A 406576
5/1/2009 D-10379 Disability Brian Lonsdale D 373552
6/1/2009 D-10417 Change to Non S/C Cathy Malecki * A 478386
10/1/2009 D-10547 Disability Rafal Mielgui * A 519643
5/1/2009 D-10380 Service-Connected Anthony Paventi A 871215
8/1/2009 D-10463 Service-Connected Wayne Plavnicky D, n/s ok 433558
1/10/2005 MD-1326 Service-Connected Ismael Portela rec A xxx-xx-8829
8/1/2009 D-10474 Service-Connected Lillian Sanderson A 867012
7/1/2009 D-10436 Service-Connected Margaret Small A 431513
8/1/2009 D-10477 Service-Connected Jeanne Spencer A 534887
11/1/2000 D-7746 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Elnora Walton A 491823
12/1/2009 D-10499 Disability Margery Wilbur * A 455889


D-9067 Kevin Boryszewski D-8250 Angela Bragg
D-9453 Jewel Brathwaite D-9758 Joyce Carney
D-9718 Elizabeth Chapman T D-8885 John Chatman
D-9241 Elroy Coumarbatch D D-9710 Trinene Davis
D-9746 Vivian Derouin D-9800 Stephen Ducharme Remainder ok.
D-9760 Abby Goodman D-8559 Evelyn Gugliotti
D-9692 David Hazzard D-9786 Matthew Jamieson
D-9736 Clay Johnson D-9529 Raymond Mckiernan
D-6711 Anne Raber D-9753 Ashley Russey
D-9648 Eva Torres-Luciano D-9726 Theresa Willoughby

* revised 12/11/2009

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

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