August 29, 2014

6/1/2013 D-11501 Non-Service Connected Janine Aragi 646925
7/1/2013 D-11508 Non-Service Connected Mary Baran 436181
12/1/2013 D-11606 Non-Service Connected David Bono 644169
12/1/2013 D-11600 Non-Service Connected Linda Bouchard 504635
12/1/2013 D-11614 Non-Service Connected Kim Bourgeois 924547
12/1/2013 D-11617 Non-Service Connected Susan Buckley 379689
12/1/2013 D-11611 Non-Service Connected Michael Carroll 528115
12/1/2013 D-11618 Service-Connected Thomas Dedrick 049776
12/1/2013 D-11615 Service-Connected Jose Dishmey 476193
5/1/2014 D-11703 Non-Service Connected Theresa Francese 380995
12/1/2013 D-11612 Non-Service Connected LaRue Heyward 503446
9/1/2010 D-10745 Service-Connected(RECON) Gene Ioime 968213
12/1/2013 D-11609 Service-Connected Wanda King 586340
12/1/2013 D-11605 Service-Connected Susan Kohnowich 059971
7/1/2013 D-11526 Non-Service Connected Susan Mackie 874093
7/1/2012 D-11256 Service-Connected(RECON) William Majewski 509082
1/1/2013 D-11380 Non-Service Connected Michael Rodriguez 509088
11/1/2010 D-10822 Service-Connected James Trice 066641
12/1/2013 D-11608 Non-Service Connected Karen Tricka 477950
7/1/2009 D-10442 Service- Connected(POSTH) Joseph Twohill 534483
4/1/2013 D-11446 Service-Connected(RECON) Anthony Wondoloski 554746

Please take notice that all meetings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such meetings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. Meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. in room 208 at the Office of the State Comptroller, 55 Elm Street, Hartford Connecticut.

(RECON) - "Reconsideration"
(POSTH) - "Posthumous"

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