August 28, 2009


3/1/2008 D-10025 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Debra Beavers 295655 9:15 am
8/1/2008 D-10159 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Patricia Erickson 534324 10:00 am
5/1/2008 D-10101 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Kimberly LaFlamme 642736 10:45 am
9/1/2006 D-9463 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Ana Trammell 490682 11:30 am


7/1/2009 D-10437 Disability Rene Bruce 394170
8/1/2008 D-10174 Service-Connected Jamell Cotto 968319
12/1/2008 D-10235 Service-Connected Rosena Daniels 969299
4/1/2009 D-10360 Service-Connected Keith Dauch 964987
4/1/2009 D-10347 Disability Gary Dazy 349886
1/1/2008 D-9973 Service-Connected Michael DesFosses 525372
2/1/2009 D-10320 Disability Glenn Doughty 505369
2/1/2009 D-10308 Disability Neil Dulac 343661
6/1/2009 D-10419 Disability MaryAnn Guilbeault 416593
12/1/2008 D-10264 Service-Connected Steven Hall 505209
7/1/2009 D-10424 Service-Conn.(Posthumous) Harvey Hebert 467583
4/1/2009 D-10366 Service-Connected William Kehoe 362614
4/1/2009 D-10324 Service-Connected Edgardo Kercado 637094
7/1/2007 D-9780 Service-Connected Adele Mazzacane 644628
2/1/2009 D-10303 Change to Non-S/C Margaret McKissick 320555
3/1/2009 D-10330 Disability Karen O'Keefe 593914
11/20/2008 MD-1322 Disability Ernest Peppers xxx-xx-2493
12/1/2008 D-10281 Service-Connected George Reardon 622045
3/1/2009 D-10341 Service-Connected Donna Richards 449010
3/1/2009 D-10333 Service-Connected Venesa Sanchez-Dinatale 432592
3/1/2009 D-10339 Service-Connected Beverly Smith 303466
2/1/2009 D-10307 Disability Micheline Smith 447162
11/1/2008 D-10246 Change to Non-S/C Thomas Thompson 527564
1/28/2009 MD-1316 Service-Connected Thomas Whitaker xxx-xx-8593
3/1/2009 D-10319 Disability Patricia Williamson 803827


D-9658 Edward Alger D-8122 Deborah Campbell
D-9610 Barbara Carlson D-9672 Richard Farmer
D-9361 Raquel Figueroa-Heath D-9055 Denise Howe
D-9714 Ivars Maidelis D-8342 Pamela Montague
D-9680 Terry Norton D-8214 Mercedes Ortiz
D-9432 Daniel Polonis D-9434 Steven Reid
D-8775 Patricia Stone D-9508 Richard Suggs
D-9669 Linda Thomas D-9622 Renee Tolliver
D-9702 E. Angela Troxler D-5856 Mary Vashalifski

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

* revised 8/28/2009

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