May 21, 2010


5/1/2009 D-10395 Service-Connected Amparo Agudelo 559757 9:15 am
5/1/2009 D-10389 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Thomas Perrelli 626837 10:00 am
2/1/2009 D-10317 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Linda Lee 393029 10:45 am
7/1/2008 D-10148 Service-Connected(APPEAL) Patricia Robinson 492515 11:30 am


5/1/2010 D-10647 Disability Debra Brouwer 422019
2/1/2010 D-10544 Disability(Cont'd) Mindy Carson 592337
11/1/2009 D-10524 Service-Connected Brian Cuttitta 621978
6/1/2008 D-10123 Disability(Cont'd) Maria Dalenta-Miller 379848
4/1/2009 D-10363 Change to Non-S/C Karen Dube 549751
12/1/2009 D-10555 Disability(Posthumous) Richard Foetsch 506827
8/1/2009 D-10470 Change to Non-S/C James Fox 593838
2/1/2010 D-105780 Disability Karen Gamble 501465
12/1/2009 D-10550 Disability Linda Johnston 282794
4/1/2010 D-10628 Disability Joseph Jolott 449338
6/1/2008 D-10126 Change to Non-S/C Deborah Lerner * 462986
7/1/2009 D-10426 Disability Nicole Lillibridge 644124
10/1/2009 D-10504 Disability Tara Marrs 374786
10/1/2009 MD-1345 Service-Connected Tammy Medonis xxx-xx-3248
10/1/2009 D-10503 Change to Non-S/C Christine Murphy * 593464
10/1/2009 D-10496 Disability Kenneth Noonan 440872
7/1/2008 D-10149 Disability(Posthumous) Kathleen Ogren 343105
11/1/2009 D-10527 Service-Connected Joseph Paglia 463450
8/1/2009 D-10467 Service-Connected Nancy Pine 375499
11/1/2009 D-10526 Service-Connected Richard Pivarnik 534109
12/1/2008 D-10149 Disability(Posthumous) Debra Pratt 507552
11/1/2009 D-10535 Disability Georgiana Roig 526331
5/1/2009 MD-1328 Service-Connected Richard Thibodeau xxx-xx-3151
11/1/2009 D-10530 Disability Collette Webb 500950


D-9933 Lynn Anderson D-9820 Gloria Berry
D-9717 Vincent Braucci D-9801 Janice Breininger
D-9851 Robert Michael Cook D-9816 Gerard Couture
D-9888 Salvatore Feroleto D-9396 Carlton Fox
D-8557 Janice Grant D-9578 Anne Orlando
D-9755 Brian Peplau Reid D-9825 Yakrisha (Sapp) Wilson
D-9654 Sandra Savage D-7672 Colleen Scherer
D-9725 Richard Simmons D-9887 Ronald Speer
D-9919 Darlene Stevens D-8678 Christopher Vescera
D-9750 Collette Veins-Dalpe D-9923 Thomas Walden
D-9813 James West D-9076 Inocencia Whelan
D-8707 Denise Whitaker D-9836 Debra Young

* revised 5/21/2010

Please take notice that all hearings in front of the Medical Examining Board are held in executive session as the focus of such hearings is the medical condition of each applicant and its discussion concerns the applicant's health and employment. The Board may invite persons to present testimony or opinion in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for that testimony or opinion.

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