September 27, 2011

James Dzurenda
Sal Luciano

Jeanne Kopek, Assistant Director, Retirement Services Division
Brenda Halpin, Director, Retirement Services Division
Pam Connelly, Department of Corrections Human Resources
Suzanne Smedes, Department of Corrections Human Resources
Albert Angeloni, Department of Corrections

The meeting was called to order at 1:16 PM

The item on the agenda was a request from Albert Angeloni, a Department of Corrections (DOC) employee and a current member of the State Employees Retirement System (SERS) Tier I hazardous duty retirement plan, who has requested coverage under the hazardous duty provisions of SERS for his employment with DOC from November 11, 1944 through August 8, 2002 as a Fiscal Administrative Officer (Managerial)

This classification has not been designated as hazardous duty and does not appear on the hazardous duty appendix formulated pursuant to the 1988-1994 Pension Arbitration Award (PAA). Mr. Angeloni contends that during this employment he was performing the same duties that he currently performs in the classification of Correctional Services Manager (Commissary) beginning August 9, 2002. Mr. Angeloni was awarded coverage under SERS hazardous duty provisions for his service in the Correctional Services Manager (Commissary) in October 2008.

The hazardous duty provisions of SERS provide that DOC employees in classifications exempt from collective bargaining must engage in custodial or instructive duties in order to receive hazardous duty retirement credit for such employment.

A copy of Mr. Angeloni's claim was provided to Daniel Callahan, DOC Human Resources Director, in order to obtain agency comments regarding the representations made by Mr. Angeloni: Mr. Callahan concurs with Mr. Angeloni's representation that the duties he performed during this service meet the standard for hazardous duty coverage as defined in the Connecticut General Statutes governing SERS.

Mr. Angeloni was present at the meeting and reiterated what was written; DOC staff advised that his representation was accurate.

Mr. Luciano moved, seconded by Mr. Dzurenda that the subcommittee recommend approval of Mr. Ageloni's request for hazardous duty service credit from November 11, 1994 through August 8, 2002.

Ms. Yelmini was unable to attend the meeting but cast her vote by phone opposing the motion to grant the credit for Hazardous Duty.

Mr. Dzurenda voted yes, Mr. Luciano voted yes. The subcommittee approved the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:27 PM.

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