TO: Subcommittee on Hazardous Duty Service Credit
FROM: Colin Newman, Assistant Director, Retirement Services Division
DATE: July 29, 2016
SUBJECT: August 2, 2016 Meeting

This is to confirm that a meeting of the Subcommittee on Hazardous Duty Service Credit has been scheduled as follows:

DATE: August 2, 2016
TIME: 2:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Retirement Services Division
55 Elm Street
Third Floor
Hartford, CT 06106

The following matters are to be considered with scheduled appearance times noted, if applicable:

Vinneth Carvalho, Colleen Reichard, The Commissary Manager classification

Pertinent information regarding these cases is attached for your review; also enclosed are copies of Connecticut General Statutes, Sections 5-173, 5-192f(d) and 5-193b(d), the Hazardous Duty Appendix and an excerpt from the Compendium of Decisions released by general counsel on January 24, 1989 which reflects the Commission's treatment of nineteen hazardous duty petitions it has considered as well as a list of Commission decisions not included in the excerpt from the Compendium.

Please contact me at 702-3482 if you have any questions regarding this meeting.

Colin Newman

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