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Panel of Wide-Ranging Specialists Will Create Plan by 2011
Contact: Steve Jensen

State Comptroller Nancy Wyman and State Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo today announced the members of the SustiNet Health Partnership Board of Directors.

Wyman and Lembo are co-chairs of the board, which is charged with designing and implementing a self-insured plan to control costs and increase access to health care for individuals, small businesses, non-profits, those receiving state-assisted care and other groups. The board must submit a proposal by Jan. 1, 2011.

The structure of the board was created by the General Assembly and represents a broad spectrum of expertise in the health care and health insurance fields.

"SustiNet provides Connecticut with a historic opportunity to both improve our health care system and make it more affordable," Wyman said. "I am committed to creating an efficient, cost-effective plan that will not only benefit patients, but will strengthen our economy."

"We are beginning an exciting and important chapter in Connecticut's story of reform," Lembo said. "The expertise of these board members all but ensures our success. I look forward to the work ahead."

The SustiNet Health Partnership Board of Directors

Wyman and Lembo have also invited the Commissioners of the Departments of Public Health, Social Services, Insurance and Health Care Access to participate as ex-officio members of the board.

An inaugural meeting of the board of directors is scheduled for early September.

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August 6, 2009

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