State of Connecticut

Comptroller Wyman Welcomes Visitors from China

Left to right: Vice Director Sheng Binjie,
  State Comptroller Nancy Wyman, Vice Director Wang Yuzhi, Director Brenda Halpin
  , Manager  Michael Sartori

In November 2003, Comptroller Nancy Wyman met with two visiting public officials from the People's Republic of China. Wang Yuzhi is Vice Director of Jinan Municipal Auditing Administration in Shandong province. Sheng Binjie is Vice Director of Quingdao Municipal Price Administration, also in Shandong province. They are serving a six-week internship at the Comptroller's office.

The internship is part of a comprehensive program conducted by the U.S.- China Business Center at Central Connecticut State University for the People's Republic of China. The program consists of an intensive one month training course in the English language, a series of seminars on American culture and best practices in public administration, and the internship where the participants can observe the practices learned in the classroom.

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