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State Comptroller Nancy Wyman today hosted a delegation of more than 30 high-ranking financial officers from the People's Republic of China as they begin a tour of government operations across the country.

The reception at Wyman's 55 Elm Street offices was the first official stop for the Chinese National Audit Office delegation, which is hoping to build a relationship with state governments and learn how various states handle auditing and other fiscal practices.

Wyman and her staff gave the delegation an overview of the operations of the Comptroller's office, and discussed her offices' auditing procedures and relationship with the United States General Accounting Office.

"The Comptroller's office takes great pride in our accounting practices and we believe that fiscal responsibility is the key to good economic growth," Wyman told the delegation. "I am confident that your experience here will help both of us improve our auditing systems, and will also create a beneficial dialogue between our governments."

The delegation, which will be in the United States until May 21, also heard presentations from state Department of Transportation officials, and toured the Legislative Office Building and the Riverfront Recapture site.

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May 13, 1998
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