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New Web Site Will Aid State Charitable Campaign

Contact: Bob King
860-702-3311 or 860-702-3300

Are you a state employee trying to decide how to help your favorite charity? A new world wide web site, launched today, has been designed just for you.

State Comptroller Nancy Wyman announced the launch of the new site, which describes the only state-authorized workplace fundraising program, the Connecticut State Employees' Campaign for Charitable Giving. Its address is

The site includes descriptions of the more than 700 charities to which state workers can contribute by convenient payroll deduction. It also includes links to many of the groups, which include local, national, and worldwide causes, as well as other useful information.

"I hope this site will encourage people to get to know these organizations and the great work they do," Comptroller Wyman said. "When people learn more, I think they will contribute more."

Wyman's office handles many of the administrative details of the campaign. OSC's Webmaster, Kathleen Anderson, developed and designed the new web site.

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For Immediate Release
September 16, 1997
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