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Index to Comptroller's 1997 Press Releases

This page was last updated on: May 05, 2016

Date Title
December 2, 1997 Income Tax Revenues Driving State Budget Surplus Of $127 Million
November 26, 1997 Wyman Honored By Optometrists' Association For Work On Health-Care Issues
November 26, 1997 Judge Upholds Wyman's Right To Appeal Anthem-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Merger
November 20, 1997 Wyman Sues Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Recover $270 Million Profit Surplus for Connecticut Customers
November 13, 1997 Wyman's written testimony on proposed Medigap premium increases by Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Connecticut
November 12, 1997 Wyman Honored by Doctors for Work on Childrens' Health Care
November 3, 1997 Wyman Says Strong Tax Revenues Will Create $127 Million Surplus
October 27, 1997Wyman Says Rate Hikes Will Hurt Elderly
October 9, 1997 Wyman Announces Staff Changes
October 2, 1997Comptroller Wyman Projects Surplus but Warns Against Overspending
September 16, 1997New Web Site Will Aid State Charitable Campaign
September 12, 1997 Comptroller Appeals Blue Cross Decision
September 2, 1997Final Surplus Figure is $262.6 Million, Wyman Announces
August 1, 1997Surplus Estimate Grows $88 Million in One Month, Wyman Finds
July 24, 1997Comptroller Honored for Annual Report
June 23, 1997Wyman: CT Taxpayers Lose Out With Insurance Department Decision
June 19, 1997Comptroller, Treasurer Receive Awards for Direct-Deposit Campaign
June 16, 1997 State Comptroller Petitions To Intervene As A Party in Blue Cross/Anthem Merger
June 10, 1997 Comptroller Honored for Manual Against Software Piracy
June 2, 1997Comptroller Finds State Economy Up Sharply, Surplus Even Higher

May 20, 1997

Comptroller Honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving
May 1, 1997Lower Tax Refunds To Stretch Surplus, Comptroller Wyman Finds
April 1, 1997 Comptroller Projects Larger Surplus; Continues to Express Concern Over Governor's Plan to Spend It
February 28, 1997 Comptroller Criticizes Governor for Surplus Spending Proposal
February 5, 1997Comptroller Wyman to State Legislature: "Steer Clear of Budgetary Potholes"
January 6, 1997Group Asks State to Expand Health Coverage to the Uninsured
January 3, 1997 Comptroller Seeking Rewrite of Deferred Compensation Program
January 2, 1997 Comptroller Sticks to Surplus Projection

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