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Index to Comptroller's 1996 Press Releases

This page was last updated on: May 05, 2016

Date Title
December 3, 1996 Comptroller Again Projects $120 million General Fund Surplus
November 1, 1996 Comptroller Projects $120 million General Fund Surplus
October 30, 1996 Comptroller Promotes Pre-tax Dependent Care Assistance Program
September 25, 1996Late Payments Cut Further, Comptroller Reports
August 14, 1996 Comptroller Promotes New State Policy Against Software Piracy
September 3, 1996 Surplus is State's Highest Since 1987; Comptroller Wyman Again Counsels Caution
August 14, 1996 Comptroller Wyman Faults Governor for Implying Tax Cut Led to Surplus
August 8, 1996 Wyman Slams Out-Patient Mastectomies
August 7, 1996Comptroller Wyman Concerned About Possible Federal Cuts
August 1, 1996Wyman Counsels Fiscal Caution Despite Surplus
July 11, 1996 State Reaches Goal in Direct Deposits of Payroll Checks
An Open Letter to Connecticut's Municipalities
March 14, 1996 Comptroller Proposes Retirement Plan Intended to Save State Dollars
February 1, 1996 Comptroller Sets Up Task Force to Look at Deferred Compensation Issues
January 30, 1996 Comptroller Releases 1996 "Watch List" of Potential Fiscal Problems

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