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State Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced on Wednesday that nine new groups have joined the Connecticut Partnership Plan, expanding the plan’s membership to 150 groups covering more than 63,000 municipal workers and their families.

The new additions to the plan include:

  • Town of Chester
  • Town of Bolton and Bolton Board of Education
  • Canterbury Public Schools
  • Town of Columbia and Columbia Board of Education
  • Town of Harwinton
  • Town of Thompson
  • Thompson Board of Education
  • Town of West Hartford
  • West Haven Board of Education

Combined, these new groups cover 3,555 people.

“The Partnership Plan continues to be an invaluable resource for Connecticut’s municipalities, and I’m thrilled to welcome these nine new groups,” said Comptroller Lembo, who administers the plan. “By offering municipal governments an opportunity to benefit from the market power of the state health plan, we’re helping stabilize local budgets and ensuring that members of our communities including teachers, first responders and frontline municipal workers, have access to the health care they need to stay healthy and productive.”

The Partnership Plan allows municipal governments and other non-state public employers to buy in to the state employee health plan. Enrollment continues to grow while no groups have elected to exit the plan.

Claims from Partnership groups are pooled with those of the state health plan and used to establish rates. By leveraging the state’s market power and cost-savings programs, the Partnership Plan is able to provide financial stability to its groups while providing excellent coverage for its employees.

A recent report shows the Partnership Plan in good financial standing, taking in more in premiums from enrolled groups than it’s paid in claims for services. Independent analysts project that to continue into future fiscal years.

“The state health plan is engaging in innovative negotiations and creating cost-saving wellness and surgical avoidance programs that are driving down the overall cost of health care,” said Lembo. “The continued expansion of the Partnership Plan will only increase our bargaining power and grow the number of people who can benefit from that work. Everyone wins here. Workers get access to great coverage. Municipal leaders will have an easier time with financial planning and labor negotiations. Taxpayers will benefit from the long-term savings achieved by the program. I look forward to even more participation in the future and in finding new ways to let everyone in Connecticut share in the successes of the state health plan.”

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