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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                          WEDNESDAY, JUly 10, 2019

Contact: Tara Downes


State Comptroller Kevin Lembo today announced State Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced today that his office will immediately begin working with the state’s quasi-public agencies to implement a new law that expands and codifies open government and transparency requirements to these entities.

In recent years, Lembo reached agreements with the state’s quasi-public agencies under which they voluntarily agreed to provide certain financial information to Lembo for inclusion on OpenConnecticut, an online portal where Lembo provides the public with comprehensive checkbook-level data on state financial information.

A new law signed by Gov. Ned Lamont this week, An Act Concerning The Online Database for State Expenditures, now requires that quasi-public agencies provide this financial information and more. Just as the state provides for all other agencies, quasi-public agencies will now be required by law to provide Lembo’s office with all checkbook-level payment information, as well as employee payroll data and retiree pensions.

 “When it comes to open government, voluntary agreements are no replacement for a law that makes our commitment clear – that we believe the public has a right to know how their dollars are being invested,” Lembo said. “I am grateful to all of the quasi-public agencies that have worked cooperatively with my office in recent years to provide financial information on a completely voluntary basis, and I look forward to continuing to work with them to reach a new level of transparency. This law assures that, long after we are gone, those who follow us will be held to the same expectations of openness and transparency. I commend the legislature and governor for supporting this important measure.”

 The law also makes OpenConnecticut the official state transparency site of the state, eliminating duplication by multiple sites. OpenConnecticut, linked to the Office of the State Comptroller’s main website, can be accessed directly at: and the section on quasi-public agencies can be accessed directly at .



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