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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 | Contact: Tara Downes (860.702.3308 | Tara

"The President's announcement this week - signaling strong support for broadband initiatives like Connecticut's - is a pivotal move towards high-speed, low-cost Internet for all consumers and businesses.

"In Connecticut, a parallel state effort - collaboratively engaging both state and municipal leaders - seeks to deploy higher speed, reliable and more affordable broadband service for everyone, including underserved areas. Every business and household in Connecticut, regardless of size and wealth, should have access to competitively priced and fast broadband service.

"I am excited to continue working as part of a Connecticut coalition of nearly 50 municipalities - coordinated by the state Office of the Consumer Counsel and municipal leaders - to establish statewide access to ultra-high-speed broadband service. This initiative is essential in making Connecticut, and the country, globally competitive. Gigabit broadband service would rapidly deliver information - serving as a superhighway for researchers, schools, businesses large and small, and every household. It would be the ultimate economic assistance incentive program because it would reward all business and industries, new ones and those already established here, with a superior infrastructure and an open door.

"As we have worked to give municipalities flexibility and remove obstacles, the federal government can also work to eliminate regulatory barriers - and incentivize the financing of networks through credits and other innovative measures. This federal statement of support will provide important momentum for Connecticut as we seek to become the first gigabit state in the nation.

"Finally, I also commend the leaders of our Connecticut partnership, including CT Consumer Counsel Elin Swanson Katz, State Sen. Beth Bye (D-West Hartford), New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp, Stamford Mayor David R. Martin and West Hartford Deputy Mayor Shari Cantor."


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