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Monday, September 30, 2013 | Contact: Tara Downes (860.702.3308) Tara

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Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced today a new opportunity for municipalities to join the state's pharmacy plan - the CT Partnership Pharmacy Plan - and achieve significant savings, even if they have opted not to join the state's full medical plan.

The new option was recently rolled out in a message to Connecticut mayors, first selectmen, municipal finance directors, school superintendents and boards of education chairpersons across the state.

Lembo launched the full CT Partnership Plan two years ago after it was established by state law in 2011 to allow non-state governments to join the state health plan. There are now more than 2,400 individuals in the plan from eight different municipal entities, most of them saving anywhere from 1 percent to 36 percent on health care.

By allowing towns and cities to join the state's pharmacy plan - while maintaining their existing medical plan - Lembo is providing another avenue of potential health care savings for municipalities and other non-state public employers in Connecticut.

"The CT Partnership Pharmacy Plan carves out an efficient path to savings for Connecticut towns and cities," Lembo said. "Municipalities, boards of education and other non-state government employers can now receive the State of Connecticut's prescription drug pricing through the CT Partnership Pharmacy Plan.

"With over 200,000 covered lives, the state employee plan is able to negotiate significant prescription drug discounts and rebates. Now towns and cities can receive these same benefits by joining the CT Partnership Pharmacy Plan, and pass the savings on to property tax payers."

In his message to towns and cities, Lembo explained the benefits of joining the CT Partnership Pharmacy Plan:
Lower prescription drug costs
Retain existing medical plan and provider
Maintenance drug network - with mail-order pricing for 90-day prescriptions through a national and state network of retail pharmacies

Lembo said each participating employer is responsible for the full cost of its pharmacy claims and that, as a condition of joining the plan, municipalities or other non-state public employers must adopt the pharmacy benefit design of the state employee plan.

Municipal and other public employers can call or email the Office of the State Comptroller for a quote at 860-702-3560 or