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Office of the State Comptroller
Active & Pension Payroll Services Division
55 Elm St
Hartford, CT 06106
Email: osc.payroll@ct.gov

Mark E. Bissoni 860 702-3451
Assistant Director:

Deductions Section:

Payroll System Supervisor:
Ernest Del Monaco 860 702-3449
Check Release Area:
Christopher Rose 860 702-3471
Online Checks (A.K.A. Petty Cash) :
Carla Bryant 860 702-3455
Check Reissues:
Carla Bryant 860-702-3455
Ernest DelMonaco 860-702-3449
HRMS Vendors:
Ernest DelMonaco 860-702-3449
Valerie Chappell 860 702-3467
Myrna Smith 860 702-3454

Audit Section:

Payroll System Supervisor:
Vivian Valencia 860-702-3447
Payroll Auditors:
Syed Haider 860 702-3468
Jose Sandoval 860 702-3469
Reversals/Cancellations/Adjustments/Direct Deposit:
Lizmarie Ortiz 860-702-3453
Payroll Adjustments/Taxes:
Patricia Ryan 860-702-3450
Barry Halligan 860-702-3457
COP-9 Prior Yr/Current/Check Reversals:
Patricia Ryan 860-702-3450
Barry Halligan 860-702-3457

Payroll Services System Support:

Michael Beaudoin 860-702-3450
Curtis Hurley 860-702-3476

Core-CT Team Members:

HRMS Co-Team Lead:
Susan Martin
Data Processing/System Support
HRMS Payroll Team:
Nancy Ribes 860-622-2165
Shelley Mosig 860-622-2590
Lynne Nguyen 860-622-2412
Winnie Hinckley 860-622-2112
Core-CT Help Desk:
Phone: 860.622.2300
email: core.support@ct.gov

Retirement Services Division as follows:

Central Email Address: osc.rsd@ct.gov 
Telephone: (860) 702-3480

Office of the State Comptroller
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