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To: Agency Payroll Personnel
From: Gary Reardon
Date: October 18, 1999
Subject: Change to Payroll Screen 160 (Employee Add/Maintenance)



On September 10, 1999, a memo was distributed to agencies advising them of a new edit being added to screen 160 (warning of changes that are made to the social security number field).

That memo erroneously advised agencies that they were never to type ADD in the action field when adding a new employee to the system (that doing so would cause entire transactions to be missing, or incomplete transactions to be drawn down). In reality, just the opposite is true.

When adding a new employee to the system, agencies must type ADD in the action field. This will ensure complete transactions are drawn down for new employees. In addition, you must then type ADDW in the action field to get past the social security number warning.

In short when:

Adding a new employee Type ADD in the field THEN
Type ADDW in the action field
Changing social security # Type WOK in action field
of an existing employee ONLY IF YOU INTEND TO CORRECT
Type END in action field to delete
Erroneous entries

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused your agency.


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