State of Connecticut

Index to 1998 Retirement & Benefit Services Division Memoranda

October 8, 1998 The Deferred Compensation Program's Investor Education Seminar
September 11,1998 1998 Personal Statement of Benefits for Tier I, Tier II and Tier IIA Members of the
State Employees Retirement System
August 21,1998 General Provisions to Purchase Retirement Credit in Tier IIA of the
State Employees Retirement System
August 13,1998 Amended Form CO-931, " Designation of Retirement System-Tier-Plan- Beneficiary" & Revised Instructions for Completion of Form CO-931
July 15, 1998 Deferred Compensation Program Workshop
January 26, 1998 Supplemental Employee Benefits Program Workshop
January 23, 1998 Individual Retirement Counseling Sessions For Members of the Alternate Retirement Program

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