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Step 1
Determine the agency number - 7001
Step 2
List the major grant programs and assign a unique program code for all bond financed programs starting with code 01 as follows:
Project Description Agency - Code
Grants-in-aid for local school building projects 7001-01
Grants-in-aid for vocational education equipment 7001-02
Projects for CPTV  7001-03
Step 3
Determine how specific projects will be coded within program categories using the number sequence 0001 through 9999. Please note that this specific project ID must not exceed 9999. It is important to make sure that the definition of a project is maintained at the proper level in order to not exceed the number 9999.
A) A school building project in Hartford that is determined to be a governmental purpose in accordance with the 1986 Tax Reform Act.
Project ID - 7001-01-0641
B) A grant for vocational education equipment to Hartford that is determined to be governmental.
Project ID - 7001-02-0641

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