Acquiring or Merchant Bank The bank that signs up a vendor to accept MasterCard
Agency Program
The individual who is responsible for maintaining agency
cardholder records (monthly statements and purchase documentation).
Cycle A period of time ending on the same date each month. For example, cycle 10 ends on the evening of the 10th of each month. If the cycle dates occurs on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, the period ends on the business day prior to the cycle date.
Issuing Bank The bank issuing the Purchase Card to an organization. In the context of the P-Card product, JPMorgan Chase Bank is the issuer.
Merchant Category Code
A standard code that the credit card industry maintains to categorize merchants. The Merchant Category Code (MCC) is similar to a Standard Industry Code (SIC), used for categorizing industrial business types. An acquiring bank assigns the code to a merchant.
Merchant Category Code Group
A defined collection of Merchant Category Codes. MCC Groups are used to control whether or not cardholders can make purchases from particular types of merchants.
Point of Sale Code (POS) A customer - defined code entered by the merchant at the time of sale that can be used to enhance accounting data.
Post Audit The periodic review of cardholder records, to further determine the appropriate use of the card and maintenance of records.
Program Administrator The individual at DAS/Procurement Services and OSC who is responsible for overseeing the P-Card program, and to whom problems and questions should be directed.
P-Card Pilot The "learning" phase of the P-Card program for an agency.
Total System Total System Services, Inc. is the company that processes P-Card authorization requests and posts cardholder transactions for JPMorgan Chase Bank.
Transaction Each time the cardholder uses the P-Card, that counts as a transaction.
Transaction Limits These limits are set on each individual card. If exceeded, the card will reject at the point of sale.