state of connecticut

Policies and Guidelines


1. Introduction
2. Contract Officials
2.1 Agency Fuel Card Officials
3. Agency Responsibilities
3.1 Agency Fuel Cards
3.2 Individually Held Fuel Cards
3.3 Fueling
3.4 Procedures for Employment Termination or Transfer
4. Training
5. Account Setup and Maintenance
5.1 Account Setup Process
5.2 Account Setup Time
5.3 Account Maintenance
5.4 FleetCommander Online Enrollment
5.5 Account Renewal Process
6. Risk Management
6.1 Purchase Control
6.2 Account Audit Reports
6.3 Agency Account Reviews
6.4 Payment Requirements
6.5 Statement Instructions
6.5a Fuel Card Payment Procedures
6.6 Account Suspension
6.7 Procedures for Lost or Stolen Fuel Card Reporting
7. Dispute Procedures
8. Records Retention
Attachments (WORD format)
Exhibit A-Request For Account Setup Form
Exhibit B-FleetCommander Online Enrollment Form
Exhibit C-Payment Schedule
Exhibit-D-Voyager Fuel Card Drivers Guide
Exhibit E-Department Card User Log -(PDF format)
Exhibit F-Fuel Card Log Sheet -(PDF format)