This Memorandum of Understanding outlines the agreement reached between the following parties:

The Office of the State Comptroller

The Office of Policy and Management

The Department of Administrative Services

regarding the development, implementation, and maintenance of a Software Management Policy for the State of Connecticut.

It is agreed that the State of Connecticut will adopt a Software Management Policy that will:

It is further agreed that this Software Management Policy will be incorporated by reference in each agency's Annual Technology Plan.

The contents and interpretations of this policy will be the joint responsibilities of the parties to this agreement.

 The maintenance of the policy manual will be managed by the Office of the State Comptroller. However, all future modifications to reflect changes in technology or law will require joint approval by the parties.

Signed this __1st__ day of ___April________ , 1996.


Office of the State Comptroller 


Office of Policy and Management 


Department of Administrative Services




The Office of the State Comptroller would like to acknowledge the current members of the Standing Committee:

Kathleen Anderson, Office of the State Comptroller, Chairperson
Evelyn Godbout, Attorney General's Office
Charles Walsh, Attorney General's Office
Bruce Vaughan, Auditors of Public Accounts
Richard Kingston, Connecticut State Library
Alan Treiber, Department of Information Technology
Vincent Lombardo, Department of Administrative Services
Linda Hubeny, Department of Administrative Services
Mark Warzecha, Department of Environmental Protection
Peter Kukiel, Department of Environmental Protection
Zellene Sandler, Department of Transportation
Robert Seitz, Department of Transportation
Thomas Perrone, Department of Transportation
Charles Dew, Department of Transportation
Donald LaBarre, Jr., Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Dawn Jasenec, Military Department
Reg DeConti, Office of Policy and Management
Fred Massa, Office of the State Comptroller
Carol Hagstrom, Office of the State Comptroller
Thomas Verchinski, Office of the State Comptroller
Michael Moschetti, Office of the State Comptroller
Steven Pudlo, Three Rivers Community-Technical College
Marc Fowler, UCONN Health Center

The State Software Control Policy Standing Committee gratefully acknowledges the assistance received from the Software Publishers Association, 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036 and for granting permission to publish some of their materials in this policy manual.

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