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TO: Commissioners, Chief Financial Officers, and Business Managers of all State Agencies and Authorities
FROM: Nancy Wyman, State Comptroller
Office of the State Comptroller
Reginald L. Jones, Secretary
Office of Policy and Management
Barbara A. Waters, Commissioner
Department of Administrative Services
DATE: June 1, 1996

We are pleased to issue this Software Management Policy Manual as a product of a joint cooperative effort among the Office of the State Comptroller, Office of Policy and Management, and Department of Administrative Services. Under the statutory power vested in the duties of each of our office's under the Connecticut General Statutes Sections 3-112, 4-70b, and 4a-2, there is contained the authority to prescribe the manner of keeping public accounts, establish uniform policies and procedures, and to adopt agency regulations.

Our purpose in issuing this manual is to put into place a policy on software licensing issues that can be readily interpreted and easily followed so that the state is in compliance with federal copyright law and each software manufacturer's specific copyright on their product. This manual establishes the guidelines for state agencies for providing that oversight responsibility.

We ask each agency to establish an action plan that will enable them to implement this policy on July 1, 1996. Each agency shall also establish a system of on-going monitoring procedures that will deter an agency from being cited by the Auditors of Public Accounts for using or possessing unlicensed or unauthorized software.

Representatives from many state agencies have worked diligently to establish a working software management policy for the State of Connecticut. In light of the many changes that have transpired in the software industry over a short period of time, uniform oversight has become necessary in order to control the proliferation of software and to ensure that the State of Connecticut takes a leadership position in complying with federal copyright law. Your cooperation will be relied upon to inform state employees of their responsibilities to work within the guidelines established by this policy.

Thank you for joining us in the implementation of the policy contained in our new State Software Policy Manual.


Nancy Wyman
State Comptroller
Office of the State Comptroller
Reginald L. Jones
Office of Policy and Management
Barbara A. Waters
Department of Administrative Services

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