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State Agency Internal Control Questionnaire Instructions

Save the internal control questionnaire document to a secured folder. Agencies may find it useful to distribute sections of the questionnaire to the appropriate business area managers for completion. As you navigate between sections, remember to save before exiting or the information entered could be lost. Save frequently.

Complete all applicable sections of the questionnaire. Supplemental information should be added to complement the understanding of answers provided, or when specifically requested. Reference such information and attach it to the back of the document and keep on file at your agency. The "Comments" sections presented in the questionnaire are for any additional notes deemed necessary by the individual responding to the questions.

When you have completed the internal control questionnaire, save the document. At the end of the questionnaire, there is an agency representation Section XII. The agency head, business manager or designee, must read and approve the statements completed. Enter the approvers' names and official titles, and approval dates on this form. Print and have each person sign it, and keep on file as your agency's certification of the questionnaire completion.

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