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Kevin Lembo was elected Connecticut's State Comptroller in 2010 following 20 years of public service and advocacy.

A native of Paterson, NJ, Lembo first came to public service as an independent advocate. Working with the private, public and non-profit sectors, Lembo helped design and implement an innovative long-term home care program in New York that successfully prevented premature and permanent admissions to nursing facilities. He was also program director for an AIDS education, prevention and primary care program before serving as Assistant Comptroller in Connecticut.

Lembo was then appointed Connecticut's first state Healthcare Advocate where he spent years helping thousands of residents navigate the complexities of the health care system; advocated for patients denied coverage or treatment; and returned millions of dollars to consumers.

As State Comptroller, Lembo continues to lead the charge for more affordable and quality health care. While employers throughout the country have faced significant increases in per-person health-care expenses, Lembo has worked to unite stakeholders in both state government and in the corporate community to implement programs that emphasize preventative care - ultimately improving wellness and reducing immediate and long-term costs to the state.

Comptroller Lembo also serves as the chief fiscal guardian -- monitoring and reporting on the state's financial status, coordinating health care and payroll for hundreds of thousands of public employees and retirees, and administering the statewide electronic accounting system. He has been hailed by advocacy groups and the media as a "champion of transparency" for his efforts to promote public access to vital state financial information.

Transparency initiatives include "Open Connecticut" - an online hub of state financial data that simplifies access to important information about the state's budget and financial future. Lembo is also pursuing greater transparency surrounding hundreds of millions of dollars invested each year in economic development programs. These and other initiatives are pursued with a vital emphasis on collaboration between the business community - both large and small -- and government so that all stakeholders' interests are considered during policy development.

As a longtime advocate of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Lembo's office plays a critical role in transitioning the state to a new era of financial transparency and accountability and, on a monthly basis, he reports on the state's financial status to ensure that Connecticut proceeds on a secure financial track.

Comptroller Lembo has advocated for financial and operational efficiencies across state and local government, expanding use of online technologies for employee and retiree payroll, and payments to vendors and municipalities.

Extending state savings to municipalities, Comptroller Lembo launched the Connecticut Partnership Plan, which offers an affordable health plan option to public employers.

Most recently, Comptroller Lembo launched "Man Up" - a statewide initiative to encourage more men to seek preventive health care so that they can live longer, healthier lives.

In addition to serving as Comptroller, Lembo has been reappointed by Yale School of Nursing as a Clinical Instructor in the Nurse Management Policy & Leadership Specialty in Nursing.

Comptroller Lembo holds a Master of Public Administration degree from California State University and is a member of the Pi Alpha Honor Society. He was named a Toll Fellow of the Council of State Governments in 2004, and has served as a panelist and moderator throughout the state and country as an expert in health care and retirement administration.

In 2004, Comptroller Lembo was commissioned a "Kentucky Colonel," the highest honor awarded by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in recognition of his advocacy on behalf of children in foster care.

Lembo resides in Guilford, CT with his spouse, Charles Frey; they have three children.

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