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Qualified Transportation Account (QTA)
Plan Summary Fact Sheet

The Office of the State Comptroller, under the provisions of C.G.S. Section 5-141(e), has made the QTA program available to eligible employees. The QTA offers significant advantages by helping you pay for qualified commuter expenses with pre-tax funds. The State has selected Progressive Benefit Solutions (PBS) to serve as the program's third party administrator.



The QTA is available to all full time active employees that use public transportation to commute to work or incur work-related parking expenses. Eligibility for this program is restricted to those working at least half-time (0.5 FTE ? Full Time Equivalent). The following are not eligible: per diem, sessional, durational, temporary, seasonal or student workers and rehired retirees.


The QTA lets you pay for eligible transportation and parking expenses with pre-tax dollars. In other words, the money you contribute to the QTA will never be taxed. For every dollar you set aside in the QTA you effectively reduce the amount of your transportation and parking expenses. You can use the savings calculator at  to estimate your potential tax savings.


The QTA, governed by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 132, allows you to set aside money on a tax-free basis to pay for eligible transit and parking expenses related to your regular daily direct commute from home to work via public transit and/or the regular cost of parking on or near your work location.

The IRS sets the maximum limits for these benefits on a yearly basis. For 2016, the monthly limits are:

Under the QTA you can change your election on a monthly basis. Any unused amounts can be carried over from month to month. It is important for participants to ensure that their monthly deductions to the QTA do not exceed their eligible expenses. This benefit is subject to the IRS "use it or lose it" rule. Upon retirement or termination from employment any unused funds remaining in the account will be forfeited.


To enroll in the QTA or to make a change to your existing QTA election, you must complete a QTA Program Enrollment Form. This form can be downloaded directly from the OSC web site at or from the PBS website  or contact PBS at 1-866-906-8023.


The deadline for submitting claims for reimbursement is 180 days from the date the expense is incurred.

There are two ways to have your claims reimbursed.

1. Participants can use a debit card issued through the Benny? Benefits Card Program, to pay for qualified parking and transit expenses anywhere a MASTERCARD? credit card is accepted.
If you choose to participate with the Benny? Card, you should check "yes" for using the prepaid debit card on the QTA Enrollment Form.
The most that can be reimbursed through the Benny card each month is the IRS monthly maximum for the benefit selected ($255 for Transit; $255 for Parking). If your total claim exceeds the IRS monthly maximum, you will need to submit a manual claim reimbursement request (detailed below).
2. If you are unable to use your Benny? Card or if you chose not to use the debit card option, you must pay for your QTA expenses first and then submit a Claim Reimbursement Form to PBS for processing.
If you choose manual reimbursement, your QTA reimbursements can be paid via direct deposit into your checking account. Simply access the PBS website:  to enroll in this option.
Claim Reimbursement Forms may be downloaded from the PBS web site and can be submitted directly to PBS by mail, FAX or through the on-line facility at

Funds that you elect to go into the QTA will be collected by payroll deduction and maintained in separate "purses" to be used for parking and/or transit expenses.

Manual reimbursements are processed on a daily basis. The minimum amount that can be reimbursed at any given time is $20. You can only be reimbursed up to the amount in your QTA at the time of claim processing. If your claim exceeds the balance in your QTA, you will be reimbursed only for the balance in your account. As your account is replenished, reimbursements will be issued until your entire claim is paid out.

QTA Program benefits are regulated by the IRS. For this reason, participants need to save all receipts in the event that PBS or the IRS requires verification of expenses.


To learn more about the specific requirements of the QTA, access the OSC web site:  or the PBS web site:
and click on the Education Center Box. You may also contact Progressive Benefits Solutions (PBS) toll free at 1-866-906-8023.

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