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May 9, 2016

Meeting called to order by Tom Woodruff

Financials - Staff reported that the retiree OPEB accounts are looking at a deficit at fiscal year-end. The active accounts continue to run positively. It was reported that claims came in high for February and March 2016 but expected to level out in the next few months. Segal reported there is an increase in medical and pharmacy trend and urged the committee to continue to seek opportunities to mitigate the trend increases.

Partnership - Staff reported that the Partnership 2.0 program will have twenty-six groups enrolled as of 7/1 with about 6300 total members. The team has attended several Partnership open enrollment meetings for the new groups. There are four 8/1 groups showing interest in the plan and four 9/1 groups we are in discussions with.

Open Enrollment - Staff reported that one additional open enrollment fair was added to the schedule based on an agency request. All printed open enrollment material was mailed to employees and retirees. Open enrollment fairs will begin today and run through June 3, 2016.

There was no old business brought up.

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